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$100 Bills

I bet that I will not get a “Not me!” answer to this question. Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? Even Jamal Malik in Slumdog Millionaire wanted to be one! Perhaps not everyone will be a millionaire but hey, you can at least try, right? You can try and learn and try again if necessary.

Speaking of learning, what better way to learn than to follow the lead of those who have become millionaires themselves? I just read a blog post by Neil Patel (I doubt he’s related to Dev Patel of the movie I mentioned above, but anyway) titled “10 Timeless Business Tips From 10 Millionaires.” Let’s see what we can pick up from it.

There’s no such thing as a safe bet.
This has two implications at the very least. One, just because a trusted person tells you about an investment, it does not mean that you have a 100 percent guarantee that you will make money. It does not work that way. Two, you cannot sit around and wait for a safe bet if you want to make money. It might never come. Might as well take a calculated risk and make money while you’re at it.

You don’t have to start a business to be successful.
Simply put – you do not have to start from scratch. If you have the money, buy a good business, build it up even more, and sell for a profit. The foremost thing that comes to mind here is blogging. Find a blog that has potential, build it up, and sell when it gets hot.

(to be continued)

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