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Going green is one of the marks that most businesses should be gunning for these days and this is not just because they can get the nod and approval of their target market but because it can do wonders as far as studying enhancements regarding their current business structure and products. It doesn’t take much to apply a green standard as they can even lay claim that the packaging in itself complies with most eco-friendly standards such as organic or recycled materials.

The trend has started today. We have seen a lot of businesses open up to green audit to help enhance their claim as being eco-friendly compliant. If you itemize most businesses today, you will see that there is no business that is 100% green compliant. The most would be about 70% with the remaining 30% perhaps up for evaluation if the company ever has plans of doing so.

It is not easy to transform a business. By all means, risk has something to do with it. Not all business honchos are open to gambling in changing their quality in materials since in most cases, it may likely depreciate their quality and customer preference since people are quite particular about the level of quality of goods that they have.

Traditionally, it may come down to satisfying the customers or the environment. There is no doubt that there are still customers who could care less about eco-friendly standards. They will get there and hence the decision on to move forward or wait for them will be left totally at the hands of upper management.

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