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U.S. vs China: Superpower Showdown
Source: Master of Finance Degrees

It is without question that the U.S. and China are two superpowers of the world. They not only have strong economies but their militaries are also very active.

With close scrutiny, however, the U.S. has more advantages over Asia’s powerhouse in certain areas. This is in terms of GDP, revenue, press and economic freedom, population and education. The annual revenue of the U.S. stands at $2.3 trillion while China has only $1.6 trillion. The country occupies the 10th spot in press freedom and ranks fourth in economic freedom while China ranks 139th and 118th, respectively.

China has its own edge over the U.S. but this is only in one aspect which is military supremacy. The country has greater manpower, both males and females, available for service. It has more than 700 million citizens aged 16 to 49 who can serve the military compared to more than 144 million of the U.S.

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