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There is just so much to be found in that article of Patel’s that I couldn’t help but write another post on it. So you want to be a millionaire? Well read on for more insights. You never know, you just might be inspired to make something big out of your ideas.

Just because you have money, it doesn’t mean you should blow it.
I could have told you this myself. Sometimes it amazes me how people change their behavior when they have a great deal of money. I have seen so many start ups – BPOs in particular – that spend big at the beginning, when their funding is at its peak. Later on down the road, they regret throwing around so much cash. The trick? Spend only what you need to spend. Examples: A decent and functional office space is good enough – you don’t have to rent an entire floor. If 6 people can have the office up and running, do not hire 10. Get the idea?

Staying under the radar isn’t always a bad thing.
This might not make sense to some people, especially those who like the limelight. But hey, for every successful entrepreneur that we’ve read about or seen on TV, there are probably ten more out there who prefer to hide behind the shadows. Publicity isn’t always a good thing. Find your niche and be the best in that area. No need to let the world know how much money you’re making.

Interesting thoughts, aren’t they?

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